5 Must Haves for the Killer Council Exchange Advert

Mar 20, 2017

5 Must Haves for the Killer Council Exchange Advert

Over the next few minutes, we’ll be looking at what we at Housing Help would class as the 5 must haves for any successful Homeswapper to include in their council exchange advert. Some of these may come across as a little obvious but trust me they do go deeper than just getting your title right. Taking the time to get these right will have a massive impact on improving your chances of finding a Council Exchange.

#1 An Amazing Title

I will say this now, without a great title for your council exchange advert you are lowering both the quality and the impact of your advert.

Some of the best adverts out there have a concise title, which conveys what the person has to offer, where it is located and what they are looking for.

For Example:

“2 Bedroom House in Manchester, Looking For 3 Bedroom House in Liverpool.”

Remember to include all the relevant information and most importantly of all, keep it simple!

#2 Eye Catching Images

The days of using no images or even a poor quality photo to advertise your home are long gone. People expect to see images as part of any listed home, an image has as much of an impact as the rest of the advert.

Remember a high quality image can really boost a person’s interest so imagine what 5 high quality images could do!

Most people want to see the outside of the home, the garden (if there is one) and a few images of the various rooms inside the home.

If you want some tips on taking the right images for your advert then head on over to our guide on taking images for your council house exchange advert.

#3 Key Information About Your Home

You need to be clear to the reader, what you have to offer. A good rule of thumb is to include:

  • The town/city your home is
  • How many bedrooms your home is
  • What type of home it is
  • If you live in a flat what floor is it on and does it have lift access
  • Any downstairs bathrooms or adaptations it has

If you’re looking for some pointers on how to write a good description for your advert then head on over to our guide on writing an amazing council exchange description. We’ve already discussed this so please refer to the previous article.

#4 Explain What You’re Looking For

Clearly explain what you’re looking for and don’t be too vague in your advert. A lot of swappers put they’ll have anything or are open to moving anywhere but in reality they aren’t and then turn down offers.

Give it some thought as to where you would like to move to and any key amenities or facilities your new home should have. The more information you provide, the better.

#5 Tell the Reader How to Make Contact With You

Hopefully your advert has enticed a reader, who has what you want to contact you. You need to make sure you clearly convey in your advert how they can contact you.

For example, Housing Help has a Contact Tenant button. It would there for be a good idea to add something like;

“If you would like to know more, then click the contact tenant button to send me a message.”

You should avoid posting your telephone numbers and email addresses on websites for security reasons.

We hope you’ve found this article useful. Please like & share it and if you have any questions then use the comments box at the bottom of the page.