Free Council Exchange Websites VS Premium Websites

Mar 21, 2017

Free Council Exchange Websites VS Premium Websites

Do a quick search on Google or Bing for “Council Exchanges” and you’ll see that there are lots of different results but there are very few web pages in the results that are free.

What you will notice is there are:

  1. Premium Membership  Sites
  2. Partially Free Websites
  3. Completely Free Websites

What do these mean and why are there three types?

1# Premium (Paid) Council Exchange Websites

 These websites charge everyone to join their site and list their council exchange advert.

They often make promises that they have vast amount of Home Swap adverts on their websites but what you’ll find is they have a fraction of what is actually on offer out there.

These sites often have fewer home swappers than you may think. These sites have usually been created on a shoe string budget and are run as a side line project to supplement the owner’s monthly income too!

As much as I hate homework I’d advise you to do yours and not throw away your money on websites that won’t deliver results.

2# Partially Free council exchange websites

 This is the category a lot of the main go to websites fall into. This means they are free for some homeswappers and but are not free for others.

This doesn’t sound fair does it… So why is this?

Councils and Housing Associations pay these websites for statistics and to collect data on who’s moving and why they are. Housing Associations and Councils then use this data to try and improve their overall service as people will move for multiple reasons. They pay for the service so to encourage you to register it is made free to swappers whose landlords have entered a partnership with these websites.

You may be thinking this is a “win, win” situation for you if you get the service for free but there is a downside to this…

The downside is there are a lot of landlords who aren’t registered with these services and there a lot of swappers who don’t get this service for free.

This creates a barrier from the start as there are always going to be a large proportion of people who won’t sign up as they either can’t afford to or don’t believe they should have to.

If you don’t believe me then ask yourself the question “would I pay for to list my home online” If the answer is no then I think it’s fair to realise that there are a lot of swappers out there, like you who wouldn’t either.

We would say if you get the option to put a free council exchange advert anywhere then don’t miss out on the opportunity but don’t start spending money on listing your advert as there is no guarantee it will benefit you.

3# fully free council exchange websites

These are websites, which offer you a service and more for completely free!

We believe that Housing Help is the best all round 100% free council exchange service out there. Housing Help isn’t focussed on either charging you or your landlord to make a quick profit. Our focus is on creating a sustainable community for homeswappers to list and contact each other for free.

At the time of writing this article we had 10,000+ active council exchanges listed on this website.

The advantage of a fully free website is there are no barriers, this means anyone can join and there for you have a better chance of finding what you want and being able to list your home for free.

This also gives people the freedom and opportunity to contact you for free too!

If you haven’t already you can register for free with Housing Help.

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