Mutual Exchange Information

Get everything you need in a home with a mutual exchange

If you need help to find an ideal council home exchange, then you can count on Housing Help to match and connect with thousands of other tenants seeking a mutual exchange. We are a leading match and swap service that makes it easy for tenants of a council or housing association to find likeminded tenants who want to swap. No matter what size of council or housing association home you live in, you can count on us to search for a better size council home. All it takes is a simple registration to gain access to our site exchange lists.

Who can apply for a mutual exchange?

If you are a city council tenant, you are eligible to apply for a mutual exchange. For example, if you are a Birmingham City Council tenant you can swap your home with another council or housing association tenant. Some of the factors you ought to be aware about include:

  1. You can only apply if you have lived in your current property for at least one year.
  2. Consent from both landlords is mandatory for a mutual exchange.
  3. If there are more than a few tenants it is possible to have multiple swaps.
  4. No mutual exchange can take place if you are behind in your rent.
  5. Many city councils like the Birmingham City Council allows tenants to request permission to exchange properties through home swap websites such as Housing Help.

What happens after a mutual exchange application?

Once your application is received the city council will scrutinise your tenancy file and arrange for an inspection of the property. The council will also request you to sign a letter of acceptance for the home you are moving to. The landlords of both tenants involved in the mutual exchange will be asked to provide a letter of consent in order for the swap to take place. Both tenants will need to agree to a moving date with their landlords, after which a Deed of Assignment will be drawn as the final step in the mutual exchange.

Enjoy a quick and smooth mutual exchange with Housing Help

At Housing Help, we have a better and larger council exchange network with powerful search and match tools. You don’t have to spend endless hours searching for the right mutual exchange and avoid unnecessary under-occupancy tax. Conduct a local or nationwide search and we will come up with relevant, freshly listed mutual exchanges from all over. Every search will include property details and plenty of other local information to help you make a well informed decision. Our database is constantly updated by the minute to ensure that you don’t waste time looking at mutual exchanges that have already been made.

Say goodbye to frustrating transfer lists

For tenants, there may be numerous reasons to move. Whether you want to move closer to family or secure a new job, Housing Help can assist to make the process smoother. No more wild goose chases and stress to deal with. As long as you haven’t rented your property from a private landlord you are eligible for an exchange. Just make sure that there are no rent arrears and you have a secured tenancy to ensure a successful mutual exchange process. All our registrations are live and accurate. Register with us today and you could be well on your way to finding a home that suits your requirements best.