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What is a Council Exchange?

A Council Exchange is one of many different terms, which are used to describe the same thing. Council Exchange, Homeswapper and House Exchange all refer to a process known as a mutual exchange, which is accessible to anyone who lives in affordable housing and is not just limited to those who live in a council house.

Housing Help makes your council house exchange much smoother

Every day, we are inundated with huge numbers of tenants registering on Housing Help in search of a council house exchange. Advertising your council house is free on the Housing Help website and is really easy. All that’s required is a simple registration to start your search for the perfect home swap. This gives you access to thousands of available matches and exchange options. No matter what your reason to, we can help you find that dream home. Fill in your details and we will instantly match your needs with our database and even send you alerts when a new match registers. So, if you’re a homeswapper looking for the perfect council house exchange, we can help you with the hardest part, which is to find a home swapper.

Council home swap 101

When you find someone suitable for a council house swap, you will need to contact your landlord. Your landlord will confirm if the exchange is feasible and the exchange must be completed within 28 days. Council house exchanges are free and do not involve any legal fees but a lot of websites charge you to list your home. This is why we offer a free council home swap website. Prior to making a home swap, it is important to clear any rent, Council Tax and any service charges. In addition, make sure the property is acceptable before you sign the paperwork. Make sure to inform your utility services such as the electric, gas, water, and mobile telephone companies about your intended move. The banks you deal with and benefits agencies such as Jobcentre Plus also need to be informed about your move.

Find the perfect council house swap

While you may find many council house exchange websites, what sets us apart is our powerful search tools and well organised database to help you find a council exchange a lot quicker. Whether you wish to move locally or to any other city across the UK, we at Housing Help can provide you with detailed and highly accurate information in a matter of seconds. You can search by city or the type and size of the home you desire. No longer do you have to wait for years to find a council home exchange. Advertising your council home swap on our website is free, and it’s easy. Just make sure you fill in the right details of your property so that we can help your matches find you quicker.

Unleash the potential of our powerful tools

If you live in a council home and need to move to another location, don’t hesitate to register with Housing Help, It’s free! We can make your exchange advert go a long way. It’s quick, easy, and most importantly, we guarantee to fetch results that perfectly match your needs and send you links to incredibly important information, which no other home swap website does! Thousands of tenants have benefited from our service, and rest assured you will have an enjoyable experience finding the best council home exchange.