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Bournemouth Home Swaps Made Easy: Tips and Listings

Are you a resident of Bournemouth or the nearby communities wishing to move to a new place for a new beginning? Home swaps, often referred to as council exchanges or mutual exchanges, can be a great option to discover a new home without the burden of relocating too far. The ins and outs of home swapping in the Bournemouth region will be covered in detail in this in-depth guide, along with advice, information on nearby social housing providers, a list of popular Facebook groups, and more. Additionally, we'll introduce you to Housing Help, a helpful tool that can make the home swap process simpler.

Understanding Home Swaps

A house swap, also known as a mutual exchange, involves trading residences between two or more tenants in social housing. As it allows tenants to discover residences that better suit their needs without having to go through the conventional housing application procedure, this exchange might be a win-win situation. It's especially useful if you want to move within the location of Bournemouth or its surrounding districts, downsize, or upgrade to a larger property.

Why Consider a Home Swap?

In Bournemouth, there are a number of strong reasons to take into account home swapping:


Comparing relocating to a new home to a home swap, costs are often much lower or nonexistent.

Location Convenience

A house swap can assist you in maintaining your preferred location if you have particular preferences for certain neighborhoods or proximity to family, friends, or places of employment.

Bigger or Smaller Space

Switch to a bigger or smaller property to better suit the demands of your family, depending on your current housing needs.

Faster Process

Home swaps can speed up the moving process compared to typical housing applications.

Now that you are aware of the advantages let's look at how to begin your Bournemouth house swap.

Local Social Housing Providers

Several social housing providers in Bournemouth provide services via reciprocal interactions. These companies oversee a variety of properties in the region, and they may help you locate a suitable replacement residence. Consider the following area social housing providers:

Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole Council (BCP Council)

The municipal body in charge of housing in the area is the BCP Council. They have a specific website that offers details on how to apply as well as information on reciprocal exchanges. For additional information, go to BCP Council Mutual Exchange.

Dorset Council

On their website, they also provide information regarding reciprocal exchanges if you reside in the Dorset Council region. For more information, consult Dorset Council Mutual Exchanges.

Sovereign Housing Association

In the South of England, Sovereign administers assets that include Bournemouth. You can discover an appropriate trade via their mutual exchange scheme, which they have. For additional details, go into Sovereign Housing Mutual Exchange.

Registering a Free Home Swap Advert with Housing Help

Housing Help is a great tool to make the process of switching homes easier. You may post a free house swap advertisement with Housing Help to get in touch with potential swappers in the Bournemouth region. The particular stages can vary, but the following broad information should help you understand how Housing Help can help you:

Create Your Listing

Create a thorough listing of your property on Housing Help to get started. Include details regarding the number of bedrooms, the location, and any unique features or specifications you may have.

Search for Swaps

You can start looking at other properties in Bournemouth and the nearby areas once your listing is online. You can identify prospective matches with the help of Housing Help's user-friendly search option.

Connect with Swappers

You can get in touch with the owner of a home you're interested in to explore the possibilities of a trade. For the purpose of facilitating these conversations, Housing Help offers message and communication tools.

Stay Updated

You can also set up alerts with Housing Help so that you'll be informed when new properties come on the market.

Popular Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook and other social media sites have become gathering places for neighborhood talks and house swaps. Here are a few of the most well-liked Bournemouth-area Facebook pages and groups for home swaps and other forms of reciprocal exchange:

Bournemouth Home Swap Group

For Bournemouth locals wishing to trade homes, this active group is a go-to source. You might locate possible partners here, given that there are more than 2,000 users. Sign up for the Bournemouth Home Swap Group

Dorset Mutual Exchanges

Although not limited to Bournemouth, this group offers a greater choice of activities because it spans the larger Dorset region. More than 1,500 people are part of it. Sign up with Dorset Mutual Exchanges

Bournemouth Housing Swaps

This forum, which also focuses on property swaps in Bournemouth, has more than 1,200 members who are often discussing home exchange possibilities. Sign up with Bournemouth Housing Swaps.

These Facebook groups and pages offer a venue for Bournemouth locals to interact, exchange knowledge, and look into possible home swap options.

Latest Properties in the Area (Coming Soon)

Keep an eye out for our future feature, which will highlight the most recent homes in Bournemouth and the neighborhoods that are offered for home swaps. To make your house swap experience even more easier, we're integrating this functionality to give you real-time listings.


A sensible and economical approach to finding a new place to live in Bournemouth is through home swaps. Mutual exchanges have several advantages, whether you're trying to upgrade, reduce, or change locations nearby. You can get help in your search from local social housing providers such as BCP Council, Dorset Council, and Sovereign Housing Association. Consider registering a free home swap advertisement with Housing Help to simplify the home exchange process. This online resource streamlines the process of locating the ideal match and links you with potential swappers. Your Bournemouth home exchange will go smoothly and successfully if you have these resources and tools at your disposal. Enjoy the trading!