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Bradford House Swapping Tips

At first, a house swap or mutual exchange might seem like a far-out option –perhaps too risky or too complicated to even consider it as a serious option. However, people who have tried it rave about this budget-friendly experience and continue to swap houses year after year. But why is that? In today’s blog, we will tell you why house swapping is such a convenient option, and how Housing Help can be your holy grail in finding the best home swap partner in Bradford and outside.

In the UK, a lot of council renters and social property owners frequently exchange homes. The concept of house swapping or mutual exchange is growing and evolving with time and every passing day, especially in Bradford, where there are more than 30,000 social housing properties from Registered Providers.

The reason why locals choose to swap houses with council renters and housing associations is because they want to experience new lives, suitable houses, and unique towns. A house swap is just a practical option if you want to save hundreds of dollars on hotels and accommodations while traveling. Whether you are a vacationer or a local looking forward to experiencing life in new areas of Bradford, house exchange is the best, low-cost, and smart option for you.

How to Swap Houses in Bradford?

Be it mental or financial, house swapping needs a lot of preparation. If you have decided to swap homes in Bradford, then here are some small tips to prepare yourself and your house for a swap, look for the best home exchange listings, and find reliable swappers online.

How to Prepare for a House Swap?

While swapping homes, you need to first prepare yourself mentally. The entire idea of home swapping is that you are allowing someone else to live in your house. This means that you will be handing over your property to someone else. Make sure that you choose the right people to exchange houses with. Talk to them about their housing needs, family members, and other things before you arrange an exchange. Another thing that you should do is check in with your insurance provider and confirm that any potential damages to your house are covered by home insurance.

Once you are done with all the financial measures, you need to prepare your house. Clean your house thoroughly and remove all valuable objects before a swapper shifts in.

Find the Best Home Swapping Websites in Bradford

Made up your mind about swapping? Well, start looking for suitable listings online on house exchange websites. These Websites have thousands of listings and a community of experienced swappers. You can register on these websites after reading their eligibility criteria. Some home exchange schemes are designed for people with special needs, domestic abuse survivors, and people with mental conditions. You cannot exchange homes with these council homes if you or your family member doesn’t fall into either of the above-mentioned categories.

However, other websites allow you to arrange an exchange according to your housing needs. Some of these websites are free while others will charge you a fee to contact a homeowner through the website. Here is a list of some house swap websites that will help you find the best council home or a swapper to exchange houses with

Bradford Council

In 2003, the Bradford council houses were transferred to incommunities. It is one of the major housing social housing providers in Bradford district with more than 22,500 houses, flats, and sheltered councils. In addition to helping people find rentals, Bradford Houses also allocates social housing to homeless people and those with diverse accommodation needs. To apply for a social house, you can visit the Bradford Homes Website and fill out their application form.

Council Home Swap

Another great place to start looking for a council home exchange in Bradford is through CHS. They have an entire section dedicated to council properties and home swap listings in Bradford. You can register a free account right now and start searching for a perfect home swap

Home Swaps

A great website for council and housing association tenants –Home Swap has more than 13000 swaps listed on their website and growing every day. You can become a member of their UK-wide community of swappers by simply filling out a form and registering on the website.

Housing Help

Our own in-house home swap services are in the process of being launched. Housing Help is a place where we aim to build a community of reliable swappers making mutual exchange an easy, convenient, and low-cost option for all students, travelers, and families living either in Bradford or other locations across the UK.

Can I Swap Homes on Facebook?

If you don’t want to pay hefty fees on home swapper websites, then yes, you can find some good council exchange listings on Facebook groups. However, these listings are not always authentic and reliable, so if you are trying to find home swap partners online, make sure you do your due diligence and proper paperwork before arranging an exchange.

Here is a list of some active and popular Bradford-based home exchange Facebook groups

HOUSE SWAP (BRADFORD) (872 members)

This Facebook group encourages council renters to post their houses online and look for house exchange partners.


Bradford and surrounding areas Council/housing Association Home Swaps ONLY! (637 members)

If you are looking for a house swap group solely dedicated to properties in Bradford, this group has a lot of members who live in the city and are looking for house exchange opportunities for free


Home Swap Council House Exchange UK (104.4k members)

This group has a great following and a strong community of swappers from all over the UK. You will also find a lot of suitable Bradford listings here along with necessary information about home swapping in the area.


To avoid fraud, theft, and property damage, it is important to talk with the swapper and do your due diligence. There are some home-swapping websites that take responsibility for thefts and damages caused to your property. Simply put, keep your eyes open, and make sure that you have a landlord’s permit before arranging an exchange online or offline.