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Mutual Exchange Explained –How to Swap Council Homes in Glasgow?

Moving to a new city is a daunting experience. The biggest challenge that people face when homeswapping in the UK is finding a council home to swap to. Housing Help is a platform that lives up to its name, it helps people find suitable house swaps in specific areas. In this blog, we will explain everything about mutual exchange and tell you how you can apply for a house exchange in Glasgow

Glasgow is a beautiful city with more than 106,950 socially rented properties, which account for almost 36% of the total housing stock in the city. Social housing renters in Glasgow persistently swap properties both outside and within the city. Why? Because it’s cheap, easy, and affordable. It allows people to change their indoor scenery and experience new locations not as visitors but as someone who lives there.

What is Council Exchange?

Every city council provides needy people with housing units and accommodation options. These social housing properties are owned by city councils and local authorities. If you are someone who lives in a council home, be it in any city, then you can exchange homes with a council home tenant in another city.

But of course, there is more to it than this. For instance, every city council has a different application process and certain conditions that need to be met for you to be considered eligible for a home swap.

In this blog, we will cover everything from eligibility criteria and home exchange websites to Facebook groups and the application process.

For your convenience, we have divided this guide into four essential steps:

Step 1: Check if you are eligible for a House Exchange in Glasgow

Before you even make up your mind about swapping homes, check the Glasgow City Council's Website and read their eligibility criteria. You are eligible for a swap in Glasgow if:

You are a council home or housing association tenant

You have a secure tenancy

There are no possession orders on your property

You are not in rent arrears

In addition to this, you will also need to get permission from your landlord to apply for a mutual exchange.

Step 2: Search for a Swap on Home Exchange Websites and Facebook Groups

There are plenty of websites where you can list your property for a swap. Here is an example of a few websites that you can try to find a perfect listing for mutual exchange in Glasgow

House Exchange

Social housing renters looking for council home exchange in Glasgow can search for adverts on the House Exchange website. It is a low-cost website where you can join a community of UK-wide swappers and advertise your council home for a quick swap

Home Swaps

Home Swaps has more than 13,000 registered adverts. They provide an easy listing and registration process for swappers in Glasgow


Gumtree is a place where you can register to create an attractive listing for your house. They have advanced search tools that will help you find your ideal swap in Glasgow

Housing Help

Housing Help’s very own house swap service is in the process of being launched. It is a website focused on building a strong and reliable community of swappers from all over the UK. They allow you to list your adverts for free and find city-specific guides for different Home Swap locations across Scotland, which includes popular cities such as Dundee and Edinburgh. If you are looking for a council exchange home in Glasgow, start with Housing Help.

You can also find great swaps through Facebook groups without paying any fee. There are a lot of safe groups on Facebook that have strict rules and security protocols. A few such groups are mentioned below:

Council House/Flat Swap Glasgow And Surrounding Areas (18.5k members)

Facebook groups like this one can be great for funding suitable swaps. For starters, they are free. Moreover, they have a community of regular swappers from all over the UK which makes it easier for beginners to educate themselves about home-swapping in Glasgow.


Glasgow Mutual Exchange (1.8k members)

You can post your description and requirements on this group to interact with swappers who are interested in exchanging homes with you. You can also browse through ads and talk to Glasgow-based swappers.


Mutual Exchanges In Glasgow and surrounding areas (1.8k members)

If you are looking for a Facebook group where you can find swaps in Glasgow as well as surrounding areas, you can join this group and upload your house details.


Step 3: Apply for a Mutual Exchange

Once you have successfully found a home swap partner, you can visit Wheatley Homes Glasgow and download their mutual exchange application form to apply for an exchange on MyHousing. Once your application is submitted, the housing office will take 42 days to process it and approve it after the property inspection.

Bear in mind that you cannot exchange homes without the permission of your city council even if you find a swap partner. You will have to apply through Glasgow City Council and wait for your application to be approved before arranging an exchange

Step 4: Prepare For a Swap

Last but not least, prepare your house for the exchange. This can include things like cleaning your house, packing away your things, and making space for your guests. However, before you do all of that, it is important to review the mutual exchange agreement and confirm all terms.

You should also visit the property you are swapping to at least twice to ensure that it is suitable for you. Clean your house before your guests move in to ensure an enjoyable swapping experience.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these four steps will help you in finding the best home in Glasgow. When applying for a home exchange, it is imperative to read the conditions and comply with the rules. An incomplete application form will most likely be rejected, so make sure that you are eligible for the swap and that your application form contains all the necessary information including a permit from your landlord and your rent account details.