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Council Exchange and Home Swap in Leeds

Want to downsize, upgrade, find a new location or move to meet your family needs? Be close to your friends, family, and workplace with smart council exchange choices.

The council houses in Leeds play an important role in the city as they promote affordable tourism and provide tenants with a hassle-free way to swap homes and meet their housing requirements. Housing Help is a platform that helps home swappers all over the UK in finding their ideal council property. From types of social house exchanges to home swap websites and Leeds-based Facebook groups, in this blog, we will go through all the important aspects of exchanging homes in Leeds.

Almost a decade ago, in 1981, there were 92,699 council-owned homes in Leeds. However, with time, this number has magnified drastically. Today, there are more than 54,000 council houses in Leeds. This indicates that social housing associations and council homes are persistently helping the tenants and property owners to make accommodation more affordable, safer, and easier.

Home Exchange Types

House Swap or house exchange is when you live in someone else’s house and they live in your house. But of course, there is far more to it than just that. There are many different types of mutual exchange arrangements, for instance, the swap might not happen simultaneously. In Leeds, there are two main types of house exchange and house swaps: traditional house swaps and guest points house swaps.

In traditional house swaps, the rules are pretty simple: You find the best home swapper or council home renter, make an agreement with your landlord, and both of you move simultaneously to each other’s house. However, in guest point exchange, your swap partner might not want to leave their house. This means that they will host you instead of exchanging houses and in return, you will have to do the same thing. Doing so will earn you guest points from home exchange websites which you can use for your next council exchange.

Social House and Council Exchange Websites for Leeds-Based Swappers

Here are a few council exchange websites in Leeds that have exchange opportunities falling into one of the above-mentioned home swap categories

Leeds Homes

If you are looking for a council or housing association in Leeds, this website is an ideal place to start looking for council-owned properties in the city. Before you apply, you will have to go through their eligibility criteria. Once you are sure that you are the right candidate for council exchange through their website, you can fill out their registration form and start searching for properties.

Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association

From period properties and newly built houses to studio flats and bedroom apartments, this website has a lot of swapping options and a strong community of renters. Not only do they provide people with an easy way to find their ideal council home, but they also encourage members to get involved in discussions and be a part of their community. Join their website right now to find the best house that you can swap with other council renters.

House Exchange

With thousands of people joining their UK-wide community of swappers, Home Exchange is a great place to start looking for council exchange options in Leeds. The best thing about their websites is that they are either free or extremely low-cost. You can join them right now with a three-step registration form that will allow you to browse housing associations and swappers in Leeds.

Council Home Swap

CHS is a great website where you can find some of the best listings in Leeds. The website has a list of cities and areas all around the UK that filters your search results and makes it easier for you to find your ideal council exchange home. All you have to do is fill out a registration form on their website and be a member for free.

Housing Help

Our own in-house home swap service is in the process of being re-launched. Make sure you sign up today for our free national council exchange service. Above all, you can list your adverts without spending a single penny. We focus on swappers’ needs and provide them with a house exchange that meets their needs and requirements.

Best Facebook Groups for Mutual Exchange/House Swap in Leeds

Unlike most social housing websites, Facebook groups do not charge you for listing your house for mutual exchange. You can simply post your house details on safe and authentic Facebook groups, talk to interested swappers, and find your ideal house swap partner.

Here is a short list of some of the most popular house exchange groups on Facebook dedicated to Swappers, council renters, and landlords in Leeds.

Leeds Mutual Exchange (10.3k members)

This Facebook group was created to provide Leeds swappers with an easy way to exchange. You can post your property pictures, details, and some personal information so that interested swappers can contact you to arrange a home swap. If you don’t want to give out personal information, you can simply skim through posts and look for trustworthy council tenants to swap homes with.


LEEDS House swaps, Mutual Council house Exchange (7.9k members)

This group is for anybody who wants to do a mutual exchange/house swap within LEEDS, West Yorkshire. Please read the few simple rules before making your post. Also, have a look at their files section, there's lots of useful info here

Leeds House Exchange. (9.6k members)

If you are looking for an authentic community of swappers, this group can be your holy grail. They are solely focused on mutual exchange and house swaps, be it housing associations or council-owned properties. They have strict rules for other people’s privacy and redundant ads on the group.


House swaps and council exchanges in Leeds can be a little challenging –especially if you have never done it before and you are new to the area. With Housing Help, you can get expert advice on house swap websites, Facebook groups, and state schemes. Join right now to list your adverts for completely free

Housing Help is a not only a specialist Home Swap service in and around the area of Leeds but across multiple home swap locations in the United Kingdom. Use Housing Help to find your new home.