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Leicester Council Houses: The Ultimate Home Swapping Handbook

Finding the ideal home can be difficult, especially in a region with a high density of people like Islington and the areas nearby. Mutual exchange, often known as a "home swap" or "council exchange," offers a great alternative for people looking for a change of scenery without having to deal with the headaches of the conventional property search. This thorough guide will accompany you through the mutual exchange procedure in Islington and the surrounding districts, providing a seamless move to your new residence. Additionally, we will draw attention to useful resources, including regional social housing providers, well-known Facebook groups, and the most recent real estate postings.

Local Social Housing Providers

Islington Council

A prominent source of social housing in the region is Islington Council. They provide a variety of housing possibilities, such as reciprocal exchanges. You may read in-depth details about their mutual exchange program, qualifying requirements, and the application process on their website. If you have specific inquiries or require assistance, they also provide contact information for their housing services.


Peabody is a reputable housing organization that operates throughout London, including Islington. On their website, they frequently post listings for reciprocal swaps. Visit their website to learn more about the prerequisites, how to start a mutual exchange, and any properties that could be available.

Southern Housing Group

Another large social housing provider in London and the South East, including Islington, is Southern Housing Group. Details regarding their reciprocal exchange program, including how to apply and any specific requirements you must complete, are provided on their website. Additionally, they could include homes that are available for trade.

Hyde Housing Association

A renowned supplier of social housing in the area is the Hyde Housing Association. Visit their website to learn more about reciprocal exchanges, including the conditions and how to apply. They can also have a list of houses that are up for trade.

Notting Hill Genesis

Islington is one of the London boroughs where Notting Hill Genesis provides social housing options. Their website provides details on reciprocal exchanges, qualifications, and the application procedure. Search for properties that meet your requirements that are currently on the market.

Registering a Free Home Swap Advert with Housing Help

A useful tool for people looking for reciprocal trades is Housing Help. You can register a free house swap advertisement on their platform. However, we won't go into the precise steps here. Finding a match is made simpler by Housing Help, which links people wishing to switch homes. To create your listing, go to their website and follow the simple instructions.

Popular Facebook Groups/Pages for Home Swaps/Mutual Exchanges

In Islington and the nearby districts, Facebook groups and pages can be great resources for news and chances for networking. Here are a few of the most well-liked ones, along with an estimate of how many members each has:

a. Islington Home Swap

Mutual conversations are the focus of this Facebook group in Islington. It's a vibrant group with around 3.2K members, and you may look into potential swaps.

b. East London Housing Exchange

Despite being a little further east, this club of more than 3.6K members might still be able to provide Islington locals with useful exchange opportunities. Exchange for East London Housing

Latest Properties in the Area (Coming Soon)

Keep an eye out for our future feature, where we'll provide you access to the most recent real estate listings in Islington and the area. Your go-to place to locate properties that are up for trade will be this area. Keep an eye on our website for updates.

Register with Housing Help

We have stressed the need to sign up with Housing Help throughout this article. Your chances of discovering the ideal mutual exchange opportunity will considerably rise if you create a free house swap advertisement on their marketplace. To get started, don't forget to go to Housing Help and complete the registration process there.


Mutual exchange can be a game-changer in your search for a new home in Islington and the surrounding districts. You can successfully manage the mutual exchange procedure by utilizing the tools offered by nearby social housing providers, well-known Facebook groups, and websites like Housing Help. Keep in mind that a mutual exchange gives you the possibility to experience new Islington towns and neighborhoods in addition to changing your living circumstances. To make your house exchange a seamless and satisfying process, be knowledgeable patient, and make use of the many tools and resources available. Hope you locate the house of your dreams!