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How to Swap Homes in Liverpool? The Ultimate Guide to Liverpool Home Exchange

Have you ever felt the need to move to a bigger house? Or maybe downsize to a cozy two-bedroom apartment? It is important to live in a house that satisfies your accommodation needs. Through mutual exchange, you can shift houses for free and arrange swaps that meet your housing needs. Housing Help provides swappers all over the UK with an easy opportunity to list their adverts for free and find the best home swap partners. Here is how you can do it too

Mutual exchange is not an easy concept. In fact, to some people, it might seem so daunting that even the thought of it is either too uncomfortable, unsafe, or inconvenient. However, those who have swapped houses before swear by how affordable and efficient it is. Social housing tenants and council-owned property owners can easily swap houses with other housing association renters to save money and find appropriate accommodations.

Can I Swap Homes in Liverpool?

Liverpool owns more than 13,524 social housing properties. Although it may seem like a lot, this number is minuscule compared to neighboring cities like Bradford, London, and Wolverhampton. The reason why there are roughly 13, 000 social houses left in Liverpool is because home exchange is extremely popular in the city. A lot of students, vacationers, and families swap houses to save money and reduce travel costs.

If you also own a house in Liverpool, or perhaps simply want to experience life there as a local, exchanging houses is a great way to fulfill your accommodation needs without spending a lot on hotels and rentals. To make it easier, we have curated a complete guide for swapping homes in Liverpool. From home exchange tips to websites and Facebook –here is everything you need to know before swapping homes in Liverpool

Liverpool Council Home Exchange Tips

Before you decide to swap houses, make sure that your house is ready for a swap. Clean your rooms and yard thoroughly before arranging a swap. Call your insurance provider to check that any damages and theft to your property will be covered. Talk to your home swap partner before organizing an exchange. It is very important to build a trusting connection and do your due diligence before lending your house to anyone.

While you are living at someone else's house, you need to take care of it and clean it like it is your own house. If you break anything during your stay, let the homeowner know and replace it from your own pocket.

Home Swapper Websites for Mutual Exchange in Liverpool

If you have been thinking about swapping homes in Liverpool but have no idea where to start, we have got you covered! Here is a list of some useful home exchange websites with hundreds of listings and swappers

1. South Liverpool Homes

South Liverpool Homes provides social renters with an opportunity to find swappers and exchange houses with other socially rented properties. This website is a great place to be a part of a strong community of swappers in Liverpool. You can also find everything you need to know about swapping homes on their website. Enter your information and become a part of their community right now

2. Home Swapper

Home Swapper is one of the leading home swap websites in Liverpool and all over the UK with almost 200,000 live adverts and a community of 5000 social renters. 90% of swappers on the website successfully find their swap partners. To register, you will have to fill out a form and enter your information.

3. House Exchange

House Exchange is another non-profit website that allows you to browse listings for free. They are extremely low-cost and a reliable option for arranging a mutual exchange in Liverpool. They also cover damages and theft caused to your property. You will have to add some pictures of your house, location, and details to list your advert for free. You can join their community of swappers by completing their four-step registration process.

4. Housing Help

Our very own in-house social housing and mutual exchange service is in the process of being launched. Through expert advice and education, Housing Help aims to make people more aware of swapping choices near their location. Housing Help puts the homeswapper’s needs above everything else and helps people find their ideal home swap partner

Facebook Groups for Home Swap

A lot of the above-mentioned websites will let you register for free. However, to contact an owner and arrange an exchange, you will have to pay a fee. If you want to avoid these fees, then you can find some great listings on Facebook groups. People who want to save money on registration often put their houses up for home exchange on Facebook groups. Here is a list of a few Liverpool-based Facebook groups along with their members

1. Council House Exchange Liverpool (12.5k members)

This group has a huge community of Liverpool-based swappers who are looking for other social housing tenants to swap homes with. You can browse through hundreds of recent listings on the website or you can upload your house pictures and information to get in touch with interested swappers


2. Merseyside Liverpool Home swap (883 members)

This is another reliable group for home swapping in Liverpool. This group is dedicated to people like you who are new to mutual exchange in the area.


3. Council homes to swap or exchange (93.8k members)

This group is UK-wide and has a lot of options. You can find great listings in Liverpool as well as outside for free. To become a member of their community, you can simply send a request to join the group and start posting to find the best home swap options.


Keep in mind that these groups are not completely safe and reliable. To avoid fraud and theft, be vigilant, do due diligence, and trust your intuition. If you are a social renter, student, or tourist in Liverpool, we hope that this blog will help you in finding the best council home exchange partner. Remember Housing Help is a Free Home Swap service, that not only operates across Liverpool, Merseyside but across a wide range of other Home Swap locations across the United Kingdom.