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Find the Best Council Exchange and Home Swap Options in Newcastle  -The All-In-One Newcastle Home Swapping Guide 

Want to save hundreds of dollars through cheap and affordable accommodations while traveling? Or perhaps you want a house close to your college and workplace? A house swap is a great option whether you want to upgrade to a bigger house or downsize to reduce maintenance costs. Housing Help is a place where you can list your adverts for free and join a reliable community of homeswappers in the UK including London, Newcastle, and other major home swap locations

Newcastle is a city rich in historic values a muse for photographers and many grainy timeless paintings. It's evident why travelers and tourists would want to experience life in this beautiful region as a local. However, not everyone can afford to pay hefty rents and move houses permanently to fulfill their wishes. This is why council exchange or mutual exchange is the best option for many people seeking options to live in Newcastle

Home Swapping In Newcastle 

For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of home swapping, here is a summary of how home swapping works, especially in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Home swapping is an exchange between two homeowners. This arrangement allows you to live in someone else's house for free and for them to live in your house during a decided period. Swapping homes can benefit both parties involved since you can move to a house according to their job location, health condition, and housing needs through this arrangement.

However, there is more to home swapping than just that. There are types of mutual exchange in Newcastle including simultaneous exchange and guest exchange. In this blog, we will take you through the entire process of exchanging homes in Newcastle. Here are a few essential steps you need to follow to make home swapping smoother, safer, and easier

Steps to Exchange Council Houses in Newcastle 

According to Your Homes Newcastle, there are more than 25,700 social housing properties in Newcastle. This indicates that home swapping is a great way for people in the city to find suitable accommodations. Social renters can look for other tenants and exchange houses to save money, and reduce commute distance, and accommodation rents.

If you are thinking about exchanging homes in Newcastle, here is how to start 

Arrange an exchange with a friend or a colleague 

If you don't have any friends to swap with, you can register yourself on Newcastle based home exchanging websites to join trustworthy communities of swappers 

List your house details on reliable Facebook groups

Once you find an ideal swap, clean your house, check in with your insurance provider, and prepare a contract.

If you are giving your house to someone you met through Facebook, make sure they are trustworthy and reliable. 

Best Newcastle Council Home Exchange Websites 

Here are some websites where you can upload your house information, pictures, and location details to find interested swappers and council home renters

1. Your Home Newcastle

It is a great encompassing all social housing properties in Newcastle. It has specially selected tools and filters that allow you to find a new home exchange partner. You can join their community by simply logging in and uploading your house details. Their robust system will connect you to similar swappers in no time.

2. Newcastle Homes

They allow stable council tenants and housing association tenants to ‘swap houses’ and apply for a mutual exchange. To apply for a mutual exchange, you will need to check in with your landlord and confirm what type of tenancy you have. This is important because you will not be eligible for a mutual exchange if you are an introductory tenant.

You can register on the Newcastle Homes website to find the best home exchange partner. You can fill out their registration form and view applicants from the UK and Newcastle to connect with council tenants and home swappers.

3. House Exchange

Another great place to start looking for a house swap partner is through the House Exchange Website. It is one of the most useful websites for people trying to exchange homes in the UK. They have partnered up with Newcastle Homes to help you find the best council exchange option in the city. The best thing about their social housing services is that they are either free or extremely free. Join them right now to find your perfect home swap

4. Housing Help

Our very own in-house social exchange service is in the process of being launched. Housing help is a place where you won't only find the best listings but you will also get city-specific expert advice and information about exchanging homes in the UK

Best Facebook Groups for House Exchange in Newcastle

Another viable option to find houses for exchange is through Facebook Groups. Unlike House Exchange websites, you will not have to pay membership fees to arrange a swap. However, you will have to be real while talking to people and giving out information online

Here is a list of some popular and active Facebook groups along with the member count

1. Newcastle Upon Tyne Council/house Association Mutual Exchange (6.1k members)


2. Home exchange Northeast (2.3k members)


3. Council House exchange in Staffordshire, Home swap Stoke-on-Trent (6.0k members)


Find the best council exchange options in Newcastle and all over the UK. With the help of Housing Help, you can list your advert for free and arrange your ideal house exchange.