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Best Ways to Swap Homes in Portsmouth

Let’s be honest: Home Swapping homes is not easy, but it can be –if you know where and how to start. For starters, you will need to know what mutual exchange is and how you can apply for an exchange in Portsmouth. Housing Help is a platform where you can find city-specific home-swapping guides as well as the best home-swap options all over the UK. Keep on reading to know everything about swapping homes in Portsmouth

Portsmouth isn’t only a city rich with history and beautiful attractions, it also has ample employment opportunities. This is the reason why many people move here from different cities to earn a stable living. However, not everyone can afford to buy a house in the city.

Fortunately, there are more than 11,000 council-owned properties in Portsmouth. The best way to find affordable, convenient, and suitable housing in Portsmouth is through council exchange. If you are already living in another council home, then you can apply for a mutual exchange with a council home tenant in Portsmouth.

However, you will need to first find a home swap partner. For this, you have a few options:

Register on a home-swapping website that matches you with swappers in Portsmouth

Arrange a home swap with a homeswapper who lives in the city

Advertise your house online on Facebook groups and social media platforms to connect with local swappers

Now, you might be wondering which one of these methods is most effective. Well, it’s usually a combination of all three.

Start your hunt by trying to find a friend who is willing to swap houses. If you don’t have a friend like that, then your second option is to list your house on a website as well as on Facebook groups and simply wait for your ideal swap match.

Look For Your Ideal Swap on Home Exchange Websites

To make it easier for you, we have created a detailed list of all websites where you can find your ideal Portsmouth Homeswap, some of these are Portsmouth specific but others cover other home swap locations across the UK.

Portsmouth City Council

Every city has its own council and its own set of rules for mutual exchange. Portsmouth City Council will provide you with all the information that you need to exchange houses in the city. The council allows you to exchange houses based on your needs only and only if

You have a permit from your landlord

Your property doesn’t have any rent arrears

Your house is in a livable condition

Once you have found your ideal swap, you can contact your local housing office, download an application form, and give it in for processing. The processing can take 6-8 weeks and you can swap homes only after the council has approved your application.

Home Swapper

Home Swapper is one of the leading websites. All Portsmouth Council tenants can register and list their houses for free on their website. They have more than 500,000 registered social renters and almost 90% of them find their ideal matches within a few weeks.

House Exchange

It is a not-for-profit organization that allows council home and housing association tenants to find the best swaps. You can log in to their website and list your advert for free. They offer swaps all over the UK and have advanced search tools to help you find adverts that meet your housing needs. in addition to this, they are also extremely low-cost and affordable.


This website is solely dedicated to swaps, whether it is cars, vehicles, or properties. You will find a lot of suitable listings on this website that might meet your housing needs. Register right now to find your swap quick and easy

Home Swaps

With almost 13,000 live adverts, Home Swaps is another great place to start looking for a council home in Portsmouth. You can register for free and add your swap right now.

Council Exchange

Council Exchange is for housing associations and council home tenants searching for suitable swaps. Once you open their website, you can enter the preferred area you want to swap to and your current council home location to find a perfect swap. Click on this link to become a member right now.

List Your House For Free on Facebook

Now, let’s talk about Facebook groups and online advertisements. The reason why a lot of people choose to advertise their swaps on Facebook groups is because, unlike a lot of home exchange websites, Facebook groups are completely free.

Here is a list of our handpicked Facebook groups that we think have the best crowd of swappers and genuine listings.

council exchanges Portsmouth area (14.3k members)

This is a great place to start searching for your ideal swap. You can connect with a UK-wide community of swappers on this group and find some of the best swaps in Portsmouth.


Council House Swappers (Portsmouth & surrounding areas) (8.8k members)

If you are looking for council homes specifically in Portsmouth, then this group is made for you. You can find genuine listings here and upload your house details for free. Once the admins approve your post, you can connect with interested swappers to find their ideal home in Portsmouth.


Council Exchanges In Portsmouth ONLY (7.3k members)

Filtering out searches on Facebook groups can be challenging. This group is ideal for you if you want to browse home swap options only in Portsmouth. They have strict rules against insincere posts and the admins do not approve of any business promotions. This group is solely created for council and housing association tenants who are looking for swaps in Portsmouth.


Final Thoughts:

Now that you have an idea of how to begin searching for your ideal swap, we hope that the entire process will seem a little less daunting for you. Make sure you are being safe and not providing your address and personal information to sketchy people through Facebook. You can have a look at Housing Help’s home-swapping city-specific guide to make mutual exchange in the UK a breeze for yourself.