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The Ultimate Wolverhampton Home Swap Guide

Whether you are planning a vacation or looking forward to exploring new areas in the UK, home exchange or home swap is the best option for you. However, it is a daunting process involving tiresome skimming through hundreds of listings, finding a home swap partner, and filling out applications. With Housing Help, you can find a safe, sound, and suitable council home and list your adverts for free. By joining hands with Housing Help’s UK-wide home swapper community, you can make the entire process safer, easier, and quicker. If you are new to the idea of home exchange, we have got you covered. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about home swapping and council homes in Wolverhampton.

If you are wondering where the idea came from, home swapping started in the 50s when some teachers were looking for a way to travel in the summers without paying high season prices. As more and more people started exchanging homes to avoid expensive lodgings while traveling, home swapping became a popular concept with more than 16,000 housing associations and PRPs (Private Registered Providers) all over the UK.

If we talk specifically to Wolverhampton, the City of Wolverhampton Council owns more than 21,000 houses. Out of these, there are approximately 9,384 social housing properties in Wolverhampton making it an ideal place for home swapping. Many tourists, vacationers from neighboring cities, as well as local students, choose to exchange homes due to one of the following reasons

Their current house is not suitable for them or their family members

The house is either too small or too large for their needs

They have trouble traveling back and forth from their house to college, universities, or jobs

They are always on the move or traveling

Besides these, there can be other reasons that might make you eligible to apply for a council exchange scheme. The Wolverhampton council and home exchange websites provide people with plenty of opportunities to connect with other home swappers and find their ideal listing.

What to Do If You Want to Swap Homes in Wolverhampton

If you are thinking about swapping homes in Wolverhampton, the very first thing that you need to do is browse options on home exchange websites. These websites have a huge community of swappers both in Wolverhampton and outside. Initially, you will be allowed to browse options for free. But once you find a suitable listing, you will need to pay a fee and become a member to arrange an exchange.

You will also have to create a listing of your own house with details about the property such as location, conditions, rooms, features, amenities, and of course, pictures.

Here is a list of some council exchange and home swap websites in Wolverhampton that you can register on to find a perfect home for you and your family

Home Exchange

With almost 100,000 members from all over the UK, Home Exchange is one of the leading home-swapping websites. Be it for couples, vacationers, or families –Home exchange provides 100% authentic, safe, and reliable house exchange options.

Wolverhampton Homes

If you are a secure renter looking for other council property renters to swap homes with, Wolverhampton Homes is the best website for you. Once you have found your perfect swap, you can fill out the application form to arrange a mutual exchange. They will review your form and generalize some checks within 42 days before authorizing the exchange.


Home swaps is another website that has hundreds of listings and adverts for council exchange in Wolverhampton. All you will have to do is sign in with your information, go to Wolverhampton listings, and start browsing. You can register on their website using this link

City of Wolverhampton Council

According to the city of Wolverhampton council, tenants can swap houses with their landlord’s permission. However, there are 11 statuary grounds on which the council can reject your exchange application. For instance, applying for a housing swap that is either too big or too small for your needs. You cannot move to a property adapted to a disabled person if you do not have a disabled family member. To register on their website, you will have to give out some information and verify through your email address.

Home Swapper

Home Swapper is one of the most popular home-swapping websites in the UK. You can join 500,000 other swappers and find your best council home in Wolverhampton. They claim that 90% of all their members find their ideal home swap matches on their website. Register with Home Swapper right now to browse ideal mutual exchange options in Wolverhampton.

Housing Help

Our own in-house home swap service is in the process of being re-launched. Make sure you sign up today for our free national council exchange service. You can also find some of the best home swap options within Wolverhampton. We focus on swappers’ needs and provide them with a house exchange that benefits their needs and requirements.

Other Ways to Find Swappers in Wolverhampton

In addition to home-swapping websites, you can also find a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to home-swapping and social housing associations within the area. To help you out, we have created this list of a few Wolverhampton-based Facebook groups along with their members.

Buy/sell/swap Wolverhampton & surrounding areas (7.1k members)

This Facebook group has a lot of suitable Wolverhampton listings that you can choose from.


HomeSwapper - All Areas (95.9k members)

This is a UK-wide platform that promotes swappers to post their houses and seek exchange partners.


UK Home Swap Council House Exchange (5.8k members)

If you are looking for an authentic Facebook group for UK home swappers, this one is a reliable place to start. They have decent members and followers who are solely focused on building a strong community of swappers in Wolverhampton and the UK.

Housing help is making it easier for swappers to streamline their mutual exchange processes. Sign up to find your ideal exchange and arrange agreements with expert tips and advice.