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Home Exchange in Nottingham –Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about moving to Nottingham? With mouth-watering food, countless shopping arenas, and easy commute links, Nottingham is a great place to live. If you are thinking about finding a swap in Nottingham, council exchange or home swapping is the most affordable way to home swap in the UK.

Housing Help is a platform dedicated to swappers who are looking for city-specific guides to exchange council homes. In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about home exchange in Nottingham.

The Home Exchange service market is worth more than five billion dollars. This number is projected to continue growing as more and more people realize how useful and convenient home swapping is. So if you have been thinking about finding a council exchange in Nottingham or anywhere in the UK, now is the time to hop on the trend!

Home exchange is now safer than ever before with plenty of regulatory options so that you can swap homes without the fear of any home exchange horror stories that might have happened in the past. Keep on reading to find out more about mutual exchange in Nottingham.

Nottingham Home Exchange Guide

Sometimes, a change in indoor scenery is just as important as a change in outdoor scenery. The home exchange allows you to swap houses with people living in different states, cities, and countries while skipping all the unnecessary costs.

The exchange can happen between any two houses in different locations. One could be a sea-facing beach house while the other could be a penthouse apartment in a busy city, they just need to have similar sizes and amenities. So if you are living in a council home in another city, you can easily find a swap in Nottingham through council exchange.

All you will have to do is list your house on a home-swapping site, find a suitable council exchange partner, and apply for a mutual exchange.

Home Swap Websites in Nottingham

There are a lot of home exchange websites where you can find swap partners and list your house for free. Here is a list of a few sites that might help you in your home exchange journey

Nottingham Home Link

Nottingham Home Link provides you with all the information about finding an exchange home in Nottingham. You can swap homes with a Nottingham City Council home tenant or any other council home tenant in the UK if you have permission from all landlords. Once you find a perfect home swap partner, you can apply for an exchange through this online application form

Home Swapper

Home Swapper is one of the leading websites in Nottingham and all over the UK to find the best swaps. You can register and list your houses for free on their website. They have more than 500,000 registered social renters and almost 90% of them find their ideal matches within a few weeks.


Gumtree has hundreds of ads for home swaps in Nottingham. You can open their website and browse through their ads for free. However, before contacting a council tenant you will have to register on their website.

House Exchange

It is a not-for-profit organization that allows council home and housing association tenants to find the best swaps. You can log in to their website and list your advert for free. They offer swaps all over the UK and have advanced search tools to help you find adverts that meet your housing needs. If you are looking for an affordable and low-cost option to find a swap in Nottingham, this is a great place to start searching for your ideal home swap.

Housing Help

Housing Help’s very own house swap service is in the process of being launched. It is a website focused on building a strong and reliable community of swappers from all over the UK. They allow you to list your adverts for free and find city-specific guides for different locations like London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Portsmouth, and many more locations across the UK.

Facebook Groups to Exchange Homes in Nottingham

Another convenient way to find home swaps is through Facebook groups. It might seem like a crazy idea at first, but let’s just agree on one thing: social media is a great place to connect with people worldwide. A lot of swappers in the UK advertise their homes for swap on Facebook groups to circumvent extra subscription and membership charges.

Moreover, it is safer than you think. The city council will allow you to exchange homes only after the inspection of the property, permission from landlords, and submission of all legal documents.

Here are some genuine and reliable Facebook groups for house exchange in Nottingham

Nottingham home exchange (8.0k members)

You can upload pictures of your property on this Facebook group along with details like house location, bedrooms, and the place you’d like to move to. The admins will approve your post and then you can connect with interested swappers to arrange an exchange



If you are sick of home exchange websites stating they are free, which they never are, then try to create a listing of your house on this Facebook group. They allow group members to post their details and find a perfect swap in Nottingham.


Nottingham home swap (6.1k members)

This group is another useful place to post your advert for free and find interested swappers. You can make your post look more professional and genuine by adding detailed information about the property and some clear pictures of the rooms.


Nottingham & Surrounding Area Home Exchange (3.6k members)

You can find some of the best ads for swaps on this Facebook group. The admins of this group do not encourage any non-serious posts and are completely focused on helping Nottingham-based swappers.


Final Thoughts:

Before you commit to a swap, visit the property at least twice to get an idea of the place and people. Apply for a home exchange through your council housing office after you get permission from your landlord. Keep in mind that home swapping is not an easy process. But if you follow these few straightforward steps, it will become significantly simpler for you.